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architecture may be involved in all phases of development, from the initial discussion to construction. Their duties demand a variety of skills e.g design, engineering, managerial and supervisory. ... Creative Designing Some architecture concentrate on design work. Design involves both artistic and scientific skills, i.e. producing something which is also technically feasible. They work on a set of instructions from their clients defining the type of building required - residential, commercial or industrial or an entire housing or industrial estate and the estimated budget available.The project could involve designing from the very beginning or making alterations to existing structures.The ideas are discussed and approvedSketches and plans with details of sizes, specifications are made and estimates of the cost of building materials are prepared.Models for a more graphic presentation of a project may be prepared.Designing of the interior layout of buildingsThe work may be done by an architecture alone, in a team, or with the aid of architectural technicians. This largely depends on the type of organization or firm an architecture is working for and the type of contracts he undertakes. Managerial and administrative responsibilities Obtaining building permission from the local authorityPreparing and negotiating contracts with building contractors, civil and structural engineers and surveyorsPresenting drawings and estimatesAs overall in-charge architecture make regular visits to the site, checking the progress and quality of workEnsuring site and materials securityIssuing instructions to the contractor/agent and certifying payments to contractors.Discussing problems with the site manager and civil or structural engineers until the construction is complete and ready for the client's use. Career progression of an architecture Practical apprenticeship with an Architectural firm in the final year of studies.After graduation - apprenticeship with an architectural firm/ agencies/ firms for managing small assignments. Learning under senior architecture the technicalities involved in design.After a few years of apprenticeship architecture can handle small projects and make architectural plans .Architectural training helps to develop an ability to work independently.Experienced and senior professionals in Architecture work on large assignments and generally have a team of junior architecture, architectural assistants etc. They work as consulting managers, directing, inspecting and dealing with major technical issues, costing, legal decisions, etc. It takes 10 years or more to reach their position.

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